Autem Today Records is the forward-thinking label idea created by Bennie Castle.

Autem Today is meant to be a cloud haven for independent artists with authentic artistry and ideas.

site provides instant download,  always on-demand design & instrumental shop available to all. Along with an original feel & sound on every piece or beat. For the purpose of showcasing various original work, we have an art gallery and audio content for the masses.

Our vision is to deliver great digital and physical content without compromising the artistry. At the same time, we want to create a personal experience for every person who comes across our content, ultimately turning them into avid fans of our works.

It is genuine interest towards the craft that should drive any label, the want and drive to break down boundaries and bring something different to the table. We want to purposely take the bar a bit higher, with each project, then do it again. Autem Today Record’s next two projects are the cornerstone pieces of what the label represents. 

Welcome to Autem Today Records
April 2019